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Born From a Vision of Innovation​ Efficiency

Suyuti Leads was founded to streamline the process of finding leads, and greatly simplify the costly & complex process of outreach, so that entrepreneurs can focus on work without being limited or slowed down by tedious details.

What makes Suyuti Leads Unique

Just give a “keyword” denoting the type of business you are looking for,

and the name of the city you want to search, and all the hits will include the business name, the phone number and website.

*An option to find businesses without websites is available for website developers looking for clients, though please note that while such businesses exist, they are less common.

Fresh Leads

Suyuti Leads does not use old lists or recycled databases like other competitors. Instead, it performs a fresh search for live businesses, and gets the latest information, something many competitors cannot achieve. 

Searches are Global

Suyuti Leads is not limited to a specific country. Search for any business types in any city in the world.